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Palomar Mountain Planning Organization Minutes, 10/12/2002 Board Meeting minutes

Minutes of the Palomar Mountain Planning Organization Meeting

Oct 12, 2002

Board Members Present:

Terri Bailey, Robert Carlyle, Tracy Dixon, Donna Dose, Elizabeth Getzoff (alternate), Bruce Graves, Pat Jones, Elliot Miller, Bonnie Phelps, Michael Pique.

The PMPO Board meeting was convened 10:10 A.M. Oct 12, 2002, at the Palomar Mountain Volunteer Fire Department. The minutes of the April 6, May 25, and July 20, 2002, board meetings were distributed and approved. The treasurer, Tracy Dixon, reported expenditures of $36 for post office box and $11.12 to Jack Norvall for photocopies. Our current assets stand as $29,826.80 in the bank account. The report was approved


Dual Government Survey Problem

Michael Pique reported on efforts by Jack Norvall, Bob Haase, and himself to use San Diego County "Road Survey 11" from 1893 as evidence of the public land survey section boundaries that were then accepted by both local government and land owners. He said locating the remains of this historic road on the ground would then help establish these accepted section boundaries. Permission from the Jameson family, the current owner of the land occupied by the appropriate part of the road, would be necessary to locate and map the road. Bonnie Phelps offered to present a proposal for this if Mike prepares it.

Crestline Emergency Exit Road Project

Progress was reported on the project to open old (now impassable) roads down from Crestline and Birch Hill to Conifer Road and the East Grade, for emergency exit use. Bonnie Phelps reported that Morey Jameson has approved orally allowing the PMPO to open up the old road across his property. The road would be cleared enough for emergency use, then gated with limited access to keys. Mr. Jameson is willing to walk the route with the PMPO for mapping purposes. Bruce Graves said the road was passable as recent as 1979 and that he's willing to walk the road, and Michael Pique agreed to help map it. Karl Bauer would then write a letter describing the route. Karl says the "Fuels Batallion Chief" could bring a clearing and chipping crew from the Honor Camp after the fire season ends.

County of San Diego Year 2020 General Plan Update

Tom Burton checked the county web site and found not much happening, they are still posting comments on the overall map. Bruce Graves says because of FCI (Forest Conservation Initiative) they're not changing anything on Palomar. Tom said three items needed to be done:

1. Prepare white paper for county steering and interest group committees.

2. Meet McFetrich to discuss Country Town proposal

3. Set up meeting with land use attorney Trudy Thomas (Supervisor Horne's administrative assistant) Karl Bauer reported he spoke to David Graham, Mr. Horne's land use assistant, and discussed increase of minimum parcel acreage after FCI expiration. This is coming from the steering group; Trudy Thomas has asked David Graham to meet with the PMPO.

Cedar Creek Yale Water Project

Elizabeth Getzoff reported the response from John Peterson, county groundwater geologist, to her query as to why Mr. Yale's project had been granted an additional extension to file its revised Environmental Impact Report (EIR). "At a meeting with DPLU Director Gary Pryor on August 13, 2002, Mr. Yale and his consultant Mike Stevens presented a number of items regarding the status of the project as well as the various items showing progress on the application. Mr. Yale presented a post-dated letter (December 31, 2002) withdrawing his submittal on that date if the EIR was not submitted by that date. Given these two items, it was agreed that the application would be extended to December 31, 2002, with the understanding that the project would be withdrawn if the submittal had not been received."


Community Center

Bruce Graves reported that converting the existing PMVFD house into a full-fledged community center was impractical for zoning and building code reasons. It was likely it could, however, be granted "class B" permits as a Fire Department facility with limited community use. This would allow public assemblage up to 49 people. A community center would require a major use permit (MUP) and EIR; the county would help prepare them. Bonnie Phelps said the Girl Scouts off Canfield Road got their MUP for new camp buildings in about 2 years. Karl Bauer said the PMVFD board is very supportive of the idea, and is flexible about perhaps leasing appropriate property to a new community center board if such is formed. The PMVFD board is proceeding cautiously so as not to jeopardize their tax status. Tom Burton said a suitable not-for-profit category might be a "mutual benefit organization". He suggested seeing what the requirements of fund-granting agencies would be and pattern the organization, goals, and mission to match.

SDGE Electrical Power line Renovation

Pat Jones reported that in some parts of Palomar Mountain the power lines currently are supported by live trees. SDGE is working to replace these with poles, attempting to do this without removing any trees. They have done 22 of these so far and have 15 more to do on Crestline Road.

Bailey Meadows property line dispute

Terri Bailey asked to what extent the PMPO gets involved with private property boundary disputes. There is currently one in Bailey Meadows with a possible "domino effect" to adjacent parcels. The discussion was postponed to the next meeting in January.

Next Meeting:

The next scheduled board meeting is January 15, 2003.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:25 A.M.

Michael E. Pique, Secretary.

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