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Palomar Mountain Planning Organization Minutes, 2/20/1999 Board Meeting minutes

Minutes of the Palomar Mountain Planning Organization Meeting

February 20, 1999

Board Members Present:

Debbie Bauer, Donna Dose, Elizabeth Getzoff (alternate), Bruce Graves, Susan Humason, Jack Norvall, Michael Pique, Robert Sterner, Joseph Weeks.

The PMPO Board meeting was convened 10:20 A.M. February 20, 1999.

The minutes of the November 14, 1998, meeting were distributed and approved.

The treasurer, Debbie Bauer, reported our current assets as $9,750 in bank account and $5,000 on retainer to Hatch & Parent attorneys. We have had neither income nor expenses since the last meeting.


Steve Bailey Subdivision.

Bruce Graves reported that Bob Thicksten had sent the County Department of Planning and Land Use (DPLU) a letter of inquiry regarding the questionable construction, as the PMPO board had authorized and requested. The DPLU has replied that the construction, a barn, has the necessary building permits.

Cedar Creek Yale Water Project

No activity by Mr. Yale was known. Bruce Graves reported that Tom Burton has learned that the Hatch & Parent lawyer who has been working with us has died. Tom Burton thinks we should still keep Hatch & Parent as our attorneys.

Dual Government Survey Problem

Bruce Graves reviewed a new plan and discussion sent us by David James, Chair of the Forest Preservation Society of Southern California. Mr. James says that filing a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) administrative appeal would limit us to challenging the validity of the Whittaker re-survey; instead, we should file a ``complaint''. The complaint has no time limit for resolution and would have the advantage of settling the issue for the entire section, not merely for the boundary with the Cleveland National Forest.

The county records do not show Crestline as a subdivision, just a collection of metes & bounds lots. It appears to Mr. James that establishing Crestline as a subdivision within Section 14 is a very important point as it is considered an ``improvement'' in supporting our complaint. On Tom Burton's suggestion, the Board authorized $500 for Brian Mooney to assist in achieving San Diego County Planning Commission recognition of Crestline as a de-jure subdivision.

A modern resurvey of Crestline might be necessary to prove that the existing lines of occupation are, as the PMPO contends, derived from the original Ward 1894 survey and consistent with num early recorded assessors maps. Bruce Graves contacted Steve Scott hoping to obtain information about old survey maps, monuments, and markers but Mr. Scott had no such information. Jack Norvall has approached surveyor Bob Wallace about re-surveying Crestline from the existing section corner, including locating any old charred stick monuments. The survey would begin up near the Graves' tract 19 area and be based on the Palomar Camp Site map, a copy of which was recorded by Cliff Ellerby as a miscellaneous survey. Mr. Wallace could start work for $2,000 but the full job would run more. No action was taken at this time.

In January 1998 the PMPO got back 250 responses to our letter sent to affected property owners. Mr. James suggests sending them a new letter along with an affidavit to be notarized and returned. Evidence of difficulties with loans, title insurance, etc., would become ``disputes'' to be mentioned in the complaint. The Board worried that a long legal letter (18 pages in draft) and affidavit would not enjoy a good response. Elizabeth Getzoff suggested collecting such information and notarized signatures at the PMPO annual meeting Pancake Breakfast. Joe Weeks said that Yvonne at the Lodge is a notary.

Jack Norvall wants to get congressional backing; County Supervisor Bill Horne suggests approaching Congressman Randy `Duke' Cunningham even though Palomar Mountain lies within Congressman Ron Packard's district.

OVER Please


Annual Meeting and Newsletter

The Annual Meeting will again be held at the Lodge accompanied by a pancake breakfast, Saturday May 29, 1999 (Memorial Day weekend). Donna Dose will organize the breakfast. Michael Pique will prepare list of Board positions open for election at the meeting.

Susan Humason has offered to take charge of the newsletter, to be mailed the first week of May. Article assignments were agreed upon as follows, due April 10 for real:

Welcome letter - Bruce Graves;

Dual Survey problem - Jack Norvall and Michael Pique;

Cedar Creek Yale development - Getzoff, Pique;

New Lyme vaccine - Robert Sterner;

New residents - Joe Weeks;

Fire Dept - Jim Penrose;

Lodge - Joe Weeks;

Sheriff - Don Phelps and Bonnie;

Observatory - Bob Thicksten to be contacted by Susan;

Mutual Water Company - Lou Whyte;

Bailey Water and new Bed & Breakfast - Terri Bailey and Brad.

Next Meetings:

The next scheduled board meetings are April 10, 1999, at the Christian Conference Center, and May 29, 1999, at the Lodge immediately following the Annual Meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:40 A.M.

Michael E. Pique, Secretary.

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